220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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Industry City

Industry City is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232.  Its official address is 220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232. It covers six million square feet and ten blocks near the waterfront.  Parking must be found on the street, or in one of the nearby lots.  Entrances to all buildings are several feet off the ground, in order to accommodate unloading trucks. Ramps at either end of each block and in the middle of the streets make buildings accessible.

The public spaces we encountered all had smooth floors and ample space to navigate. There is 40,000 square feet of  places to eat in the Food Hall, plus several other venues throughout.  Between each pair of buildings there is “cultivated courtyard space.”

Most buildings have multi-stall restrooms with large, handicapped-accessible stalls and baby-changing facilities.


Number of handicapped spaces:
Location of handicapped spaces:
Surface of lot:
Distance to venue:
Transportation to venue offered?

Places to rest:
Paths and walkways:
concrete sidewarlks

Location of handicapped entrance:
all are at main entrances
most are double

Number of floors:
in most buildings
at either end of streets and in mid-block
Steps, Staircases:
number varies by location
Width of aisles:
ample space
Places to sit:
lots of seating in food hall and outdoor courtyards

Location of restrooms:
in almost all buildings
Type of restroom:
multi-stall, with large, handicapped stalls
Ease of entry and exit:
Baby changing station:

Available food services:
most are in Food Hall

Friendliness of staff:
people were very friendly and tried to be helpful

*Parking must be found on nearby streets or in one of the lots nearby.


We did not know anything about Industry City before going to see “Escher, The Exhibition and Experience.” Located in the Sunset Park neighborhood, near the Brooklyn waterfront, it is six million square feet of “classic New York industrial architecture that has been repurposed for the economy of the future.” (website) The Exhibition is in Building 6 (of 10 buildings). Early on a Sunday morning we easily  found parking on the street.  There are also parking lots nearby. Since this complex was originally warehouses, all of the building entrances are high enough off the ground for trucks to be able to unload.  Ramps at either end of the streets and steps/ramps between courtyards make all buildings accessible.

Since we were early for our assigned time to enter the Exhibit, we decided to explore some of the spaces. We found a great variety of places to eat in the 40,000 square foot Food Hall. At 9:30 on a Sunday morning, most of them were still closed, but we did manage to get some coffee. Besides the Food Hall, there are some other food options throughout. We found a mix of retail, design, media, technology and manufacturing firms in the directory. There are also pop-up shops and flea markets.  As we surveyed some of the “five acres of cultivated courtyard space” (website) we found World Cup Viewing, a grassy play area, sandy areas, and outdoor dining areas. There is probably more that we missed!

Multi-stall restrooms, with large, handicapped-accessible stalls seem to be located in most buildings. Signs clearly show where these are.

On another day, with more time, it would be fun to explore more.

As always, we at Destination:Accessible, advise you to visit a venue’s website, www.industrycity.com, when planning a visit, to “know before you go.”






220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

(718) 965 - 6450