890 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 1016

(212) 541 - 9000


Red Eye Grille


Red Eye Grille is located at 890 Seventh Ave., New York, NY.

There is no dedicated garage.  A garage is located  next door with elevator access to the building lobby. One then walks outside and around patio to the double-door entry. If entereing from the street there are six steps to the patio. There is also  a ramp on 56th Street. After the double doors there is a small entryway and another single door to the hostess area.

The restaurant has several dining areas, a large full-height bar and lounge area (with couches)  as well as some private dining spaces. One side of the bar requires two steps up. The other side does not.

Tile floors and well-spaced tables make navigationand conversation.

Multi-stall restrooms have a large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restroom. There are no baby-changing facilities.

There is music in the lounge every evening.



Number of handicapped spaces:
Location of handicapped spaces:
Surface of lot:
Distance to venue:
Transportation to venue offered?

Places to rest:
Paths and walkways:
stone at entryway

Location of handicapped entrance:
main entrance - six steps to entrance or walk around to 56th street where there is a ramp
double door, entryway, single door

Number of floors:
to upper level
Steps, Staircases:
2 steps to one side of bar area, also stairs to upper level
Width of aisles:
ample space
Places to sit:
full-height bar, couches in lounge area, banquettes, tables and chairs

Location of restrooms:
rear of dining area
Type of restroom:
multi-stall with large handicapped-accessible stall
Ease of entry and exit:
Baby changing station:

Available food services:

Friendliness of staff:
very accommodating and professional

* there is no dedicated garage - there is a garage next door with elevator access to the lobby of the building. One must then walk outside and around the corner to the entrance


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A snowy day and we had tickets for the New York Pops. What else is new? We needed a restaurant very close to Carnegie Hall. Red Eye Grille was the place, located around the corner and across the street.  Even better is that one can park in the garage directly below and take the elevator to the building lobby.  Then a short walk outside on the stone patio and you are at the entrance. If you are coming from the street there are five stone steps. If steps are not great for you, walk to 56th Street and a bit down the street, where you will find a ramp to the patio. Then walk back to the double doors.  A  small entryway and another single door lead to the restaurant proper. At this point you will find the lounge area (with couches) where there is music every evening). One side of the full-height bar requires two steps up.  The other side doese not.

Red Eye Grill is an "...updated, classic American restaurant...with warm tones, polished nickel and leather, along with Red Grooms artwork, (which) creates a spohisticated, timeless and comfortable atmosphere." (website) We certainly agree!

The welcoming host asked about our seating preferences (close he music or farther away) and led us to a quiet location away from the music, and near the fireplace, so that we could talk.  Tables are well spaced.  Booths and banquets are also available.  There are several dining areas.  If you have a particular need, mention it at the time you make your reservation.  They will try to accommodate.

The varied menu had something for everyone.  Our server  took care of all of our requests in a very pleasant and professional manner. We were able to enjoy a delicious meal in a leisurely fashion. I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible sorbet available for dessert or the warm chocolate chip cookies offered with our coffee. As if that was not enough, as we left we found  a large serving bowl with chocolate on the counter.   That is sure to make an impression on most of us!  Red eye Grille was a great location for a pre-concert dinner!

Multi-stall restrooms with a large, handicapped-accessible stall do not have baby-changing facilities.

As always, we at Destination:Accessible advise you to visit a venue's website, www.redeyegrille.com, when planning a visit, to "know before you go."






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890 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 1016

(212) 541 - 9000