208-01 Northern Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361

(718) 281 - 2233


Veranda Restaurant & Cafe


Veranda is located at 208-01 Northern Boulevard, Bayside.

Complimentary valet parking is located on 208th Street.

One must walk through the spacious outdoor dining area to get to the street-level main entrance.

The main dining room is easy to navigate .

All floors are smooth.

Multi-stall restrooms are located at the rear of the dining room.  The handicapped-accessible stall in each is not very wide, only accommodating a ""typical width"" wheelchair.

There is no baby-changing station.



Number of handicapped spaces:
Location of handicapped spaces:
Surface of lot:
Distance to venue:
Transportation to venue offered?

Places to rest:
bench near valet
Paths and walkways:

Location of handicapped entrance:
main entrance
street-level, double doors

Number of floors:
Steps, Staircases:
Width of aisles:
Places to sit:
tables & chairs

Location of restrooms:
rear of dining room
Type of restroom:
Ease of entry and exit:
Baby changing station:

Available food services:

Friendliness of staff:
very friendly and efficient

*Complimentary valet parking is available. Otherwise you must find street parking. ** multi-stall restrooms have a handicapped-accessible stall which is not very wide - only wide enough to accommodate a ""typical width"" wheelchair.


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A birthday dinner was the reason for our visit to Veranda.  We had expected to have to park on the street, so we were pleasantly surprised to find complimentary valet parking on 208th Street.

The entrance is here as well.  We made our way around the partitions, through the large, outdoor dining area, to the street-level, double-door main entrance.

Once inside we found a large, light-filled dining room with tables and chairs and good space to navigate between them.  Besides our large party, there were several others going on - it was Greek Easter!  Seating was quite comfortable, with plenty of space between our party and the others.

Veranda is ""...a bistro style restaurant offering American contemporary dishes served with a Mediterranean flair in an upscale, casual dining atmosphere. (They) feature seasonal fare, always with fresh ingredients."" (website)

Our server was attentive and efficient, making sure that we had everything we needed and/or wanted.  After several suggetions we had some delicious appetizers for the table to share.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their entrees as well.

As we were waiting for birthday cake, we noticed what appeared to be lovely, pastel colored balls in a large bowl on the next table.  We couldn't decide what kind of dessert it was - might it be ice cream or sorbet?  What flavors were they?  Could we get some?  Inquiry gave us our answer - they were Easter Eggs that the group had brought for their festivities!

The large, outdoor dining patio is probably lovely in warm weather. Even if you cannot sit outside,  Veranda is able to ""...bring the outdoors in and the indoors out by opening its folded glass panel doors to the outside veranda, seating over 100 people. "" (website)  The tables and chairs out here seem to be even farther apart than in the dining room.

Multi-stall restrooms are located at the rear of the dining rom, near the bar area.  There is a handicapped-stall which is not very wide, only accommodating a ""typical width"" wheelchair.  There is no baby-changing station.

As always, we at Destination:Accessible advise you to check a venue's website, www.verandarestaurant.com, when planning a visit, to ""know before you go.""







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208-01 Northern Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361

(718) 281 - 2233