395 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview, NY. 11803

(516) 932-3500


Bareburger, Plainview

 Bareburger is located at 395 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview.  It is at the intersection of South Oysster Bay and Woodbury Roads. The paved parking lot has two handicapped spaces on either side of the curb cut immediately in front of the entrance. Street-level, double-doors lead to the hostess desk and dining room. Tables & chairs, booths and banquets, as well as counter service have ample space between them for easy navigation. Floor is wood/concrete.

Large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms (with baby-changing stations) are located in a wide hallway behind the counter area. There is a slight incline to get here.  There is an outdoor dining area which is easy to access.



Number of handicapped spaces:
Location of handicapped spaces:
close to main entrance
Surface of lot:
Distance to venue:
very close
Transportation to venue offered?

Places to rest:
not outside
Paths and walkways:
concrete sidewalk

Location of handicapped entrance:
street-level, main entrance

Number of floors:
Steps, Staircases:
Width of aisles:
Places to sit:
tables & chairs, booths, banquets, counter-service

Location of restrooms:
in hallway behind counter
Type of restroom:
large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible
Ease of entry and exit:
Baby changing station:

Available food services:

Friendliness of staff:
friendly and knowledgeable

The outdoor dining area has stones underfoot.


We watched the closing of the gas station on the corner of South Oyster Bay and Woodbury Roads in Plainview. We watched as they leveled the structure.  We waited for something to replace it.  We waited and waited.  Then we saw some progress.  What looked like shipping containers were placed on the lot.  They sat for quite a while.  We watched for what seemed like a very long time until a sign finally anounced the arrival of "Bareburger," an "organic and all natural burger, snack and shake..." restaurant.   The first one opened in Astoria in 2009.  This location is the first one made entirely of recycled shipping containers. We have been back several times since our first visit. 

We parked in the paved parking lot (two handicapped-spaces on either side of the curb cut leading to the main entrance). Double-doors lead directly into the restaurant and hostess stand. There are another set of double-doors on the opposite side as well which leads to the grassy,outdoor seating area.

We are always warmly welcomed.  Tables and chairs, booths and banquets as well as counter seating are located with enough room between them to make navigation easy.  The decor is "fun," with wooden tables and interesting wall decor, along with an industrial feel that comes from the corrugated containers the restaurant is housed in.

Floors are refinished wood, with some tile areas.  Everything is smooth.  A small incline leads to the wide hallway where you will find the large, single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms.  Each is equipped with a baby-changing station.

Once again, a pleasant server helped guide us through the menu, which offers a variety of burgers from elk and bison, to turkey, veggie and traditional beef.  You can build your own or order one of the specialty burgers listed on the menu.  Some salads and sandwiches, along with a vareity of sides, make choosing difficult.  My husband had one of the specialties. I stuck with the more traditional turkey. Their brochure says that they provide..."clean food served in a fun place...with ingredients sourced as close to home as possible..."  One of the very nice touches for me is the water bottle that is brought to, and left at the table.  All orders are cooked to order, so don't be in a hurry. Our burgers were excellent, the sweet-potato fries delicious.  The chocolate-raspberry shake was to die for!  When our server asked us about dessert we looked at each other and then said to her, "That shake was dessert!"

If you don;t mind sitting at the intersection of two busy streets, and don;t mind stones underefoot, there is an outdoor dining area. As always, we at Destination:Accessible advise you to check a venue's website, www.bareburger.com, when planning a visio "know before you go."




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395 South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview, NY. 11803

(516) 932-3500