144 W. Merrick Road Freeport, NY 11520

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Freeport Memorial Library

The Freeport Memorial Library is located at 144 West Merrick Road, Freeport. There is metered parking in the paved municipal lot at the rear of the library and on Merrick Road in front. Designated handicapped spots are in the lot.

The entrance from the parking lot has automatic doors. The entrance on Merrick Road has 2 sets of single doors.

This is an old beautiful library that looks like a museum from the front. It consists of 2 large interconnected buildings with rooms for each library service. It is spacious throughout. Elevators and staircases lead to the levels in each wing.

Single occupancy, handicapped accessible restrooms are on each level and have baby changing stations in them.

Benches are outside near the rear entrance and in the front of the parklike grounds.

An art gallery is inside the library.  A cafe is located on the lower level.



Number of handicapped spaces:
Location of handicapped spaces:
lot at rear entrance of library
Surface of lot:
Distance to venue:
Transportation to venue offered?

Places to rest:
benches in front and rear of building
Paths and walkways:

Location of handicapped entrance:
with main in rear
automatic from paring lot

Number of floors:
in each wing
Steps, Staircases:
staircases to all levels
Width of aisles:
Places to sit:

Location of restrooms:
all levels
Type of restroom:
single occupancy handicapped accessible
Ease of entry and exit:
Baby changing station:

Available food services:
cafe on lower level

Friendliness of staff:
very friendly and helpful



We were invited to Freeport Memorial Library to give a presentation of Destination:Accessible. This was our first visit, so we didn't know what to expect.What we saw from Merrick Road was a very impressive edifice. This library is one of the largest public libraries in Nassau County. The large 2 winged building looks more like a museum than a library. The front entrance on Merrick Road sits behind parklike grounds where benches and a war memorial are situated. On Memorial Day in 1924, Freeport Library was dedicated as the first war memorial library in New York State.(Read the very interesting history on the website) In 1982, the library was expanded to include the adjacent building.

There is metered parking on Merrick Road, but parking is mainly in the municipal lot in the rear. Meters are here also. Designated handicapped spots are in 2 locations. A concrete path leads to the automatic door entrance. Benches are on the walkway. The interior of the library is very spacious and inviting and the various sections offer many services to the community. The children's room is lovely and even has guinea pigs to entertain the young readers. An art gallery is in the hallway.

The library consists of 3 levels in 2 interconnected wings. Staircases and elevators access all. We gave our presentation in Meeting Room 1 on the upper level of the east wing. Single occupancy handicapped accessible restrooms with baby changing stations are in the hallway. Restrooms are located on each level. A cafe is on the lower level of the west wing.

As always, we atDestination:Accessibleadvise you to check a venue's website, www.freeportlibray.info when planning a visit, to "know before you go."




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144 W. Merrick Road Freeport, NY 11520

516 379 3274