Radio City Music Hall, Stage Door Tour

1260 Avenue of the Americas (h Ave.), NY, NY 10020

(212) 465 - 6741


Radio City Music Hall, Stage Door Tour

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Radio City Stage Door Tour     -   read more

After viewing the Christmas Spectacular, we took the ""Stage Door Tour,"" of the Music Hall. We tried to book it online the day before the show, but the website said it was sold out. It was pouring, the day we went, so we thought we would check to see if there were cancellations. We were delighted to find out that tickets were in fact available, but not due to weather conditions. It is their policy to stop online ticket sales the day before in order to provide show patrons a chance to take the tour. So take note, if you prefer not to buy tickets in advance and decide to take a tour on the day of the performance, check.

""The Radio City Stage Door Tour offers an insider's look at the legendary Radio City Music Hall ...discover art deco masterpieces, learn the secrets of the Great Stage, meet a Rockette, plus much more!(website)

A fabulous tour guide named Joyce took us through the theater. She was effervescent and knew absolutely everything about the hall and its history. The tour included a video history of the venue and a Q and A session with a performing Rockette. The tour required alot of walking up steps and through corridors. We didn't think that people with mobility challenges would be able to take this tour so we were surprised when we were told that wheelchairs were no problem. Tours can be easily arranged, just ask when you arrive or call ahead to let them know. How nice!

As always, we at Destination:Accessible, advise you to check a venue's website, www.radiocity.com/tours when planning a visit, to ""know before you go.""





1260 Avenue of the Americas (h Ave.), NY, NY 10020

(212) 465 - 6741